Writers Guild

At Bowers House


About This Website

 This is the Community Writer's Guild Member Website. The purpose of this site is to provide a repository for easy access to meeting schedules, agendas, handouts, special announcements and Writer’s Craft study materials.

The site was established and is maintained primarily for the convenience of Guild members; however, others may find it useful and are welcome to use it for personal study for improving writing skills. Feel free to use it for that purpose.

The Guild provides Members the opportunity to meet writers with similar interests, to meet together, to become good friends or to enjoy the company of friendly acquaintances. You are welcome to visit a meeting with us and investigate becoming a member.

Our meetings are held the Second Wednesday each month from 1 to 3 pm at the Bowers House in Canon, GA.

Occasionally, we plan special events or group projects to inform the community of our presence and our work and to encourage other writers to join us.

For specific information contact Charles at (706) 246-9421 or  (706)  436-9632